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COVID-19 3/13/2020


Dear Stafford Academy Families,

As of March 16th Stafford Academy will temporarily shift to be a childcare only environment. We are doing this specifically for families whose parents are required to work because of the critical nature of their jobs.

We have been in contact with state officials in regard to early childcare centers and they are currently stating that we are allowed to stay open under present conditions. Of course the state could give additional guidance that would change the current reality at any time. If the state does update their guidance we will follow their recommendation and communicate with you.

This change will last through March 31st. We do reserve the option to update the following information as needed.

Our hours will be 8am-5pm daily.

We will continue our extra cleaning routine daily to disinfect and sanitize each classroom and high traffic area.With this in mind we will continue the following hand washing policy:

Wash in – at arrival

Wash out – at departure

Wash often – in class and at home

Antibacterial hand sanitizer will be placed at our primary entrances and exits please sanitize your hands and your children’s hands as you enter and as you exit.

Please keep your child at home if they are sick or if someone in the house is sick or has a temperature. Any child that appears to be sick at school will be sent home immediately. It is very important to be cautious and respectful of others in this season when your child is even slightly unwell.

Again, we are a childcare only environment temporarily. No Kindergarten or Elementary classes.

Parents must confirm dates of childcare needed for their child to attend during this short season no later than March 15th at 5pm. An email confirmation (with dates of childcare need) is required during this unique season to make sure we have enough staffing on hand. Childcare is available for all ages of children who currently attend Stafford Academy. Space is limited so please communicate sooner than later.

Hours of operation will be updated as necessary.

Parent teacher conferences that were scheduled for next week are cancelled.

We love each family that attends Stafford Academy and consider it a privilege to partner with each family, parent and student.

God bless you!

 Elizabeth Guier